Terms and Conditions

LeadBid, Inc.™ General Terms and Conditions

  • Introduction

    The purpose of LeadBid is to connect lead buyers with and lead sellers all in one environment.  The platform allows buyer and sellers to exchange leads in an open market arena where the pricing mechanism is driven by supply and demand. 

  • Participation

    Buyer and Sellers, otherwise known as participants, participate at their own discretion and are not obligated to sell to or buy from any other participant unless they choose to do so.  Each participant agrees uniformly to the terms and conditions outlined in the LeadBid Agreement.

    Access and Services - Your access to the various services available on the Database depends on the level of access you select.  You may change or discontinue your account in accordance with the Agreement.  We reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate access to the service on our system at any time for any reason without notice or refund, including the right to require you to change your login identification code or password.  We also reserve the right to delete all program and data files associated with your account and/or other information you have on our system.

  • System Rules

    You agree to be bound by certain rules which are important for the proper use of the Database.  Your failure to follow these rules, whether listed below in the Agreement or in bulletins posted at various points in the system, may result in termination of your service.  First, do not tell others your password or let your account be used by anyone except yourself.  Second, do not attempt to log in more than once at the same time on any given account without specific permission of a LeadBid Database operator.  Third, while you should feel free to express yourself, you should respect other users of the system and not do anything to attack or injure others.  Fourth, do not use our system to commit a crime, or to plan, encourage or help others commit a crime, including crimes relating to computers.

  • Privacy Considerations

    Your communications on the Database are, in most cases, viewed only by you and anyone to whom you address your message.  With respect to posted leads on the Database, you acknowledge that the leads may be viewed by any and all Subscribers.  However, as system operators, we may need to review or monitor your electronic mail and other communications from time to time.  In addition, we reserve the right to copy and distribute to third parties any information associated with your activities on the system.  Therefore, you should not expect to have a right to privacy in any of your communications.  For further information on privacy, please review LeadBid's Privacy Policy as posted on the Website.

  • Proprietary Rights

    Your proper use of the Database affords you access to many of the features of our system, but some aspects of our system remain within our exclusive proprietary control.  We or our suppliers own the intellectual property rights to any and all protectable components of our system, including but not limited to the computer software, the related documentation, the "look and feel," the end-user interfaces, the name of our system, many of the individual features, and the collective works consisting of sequences of all public messages on our system.  You may not reproduce any sequence of messages from our system, either electronically or in print, without our permission.  In addition; you may not copy, modify, adapt, reproduce, translate, distribute, reverse engineer, decompile or dissemble any aspect of the Database which we or our suppliers own.

  • Lead Dispute Process

    In the event of a good faith dispute of a particular lead(s), Subscriber shall have Seven (7) days from receipt of such lead(s) to return them back through the Platform, and receive credit for the same.  After such seven (7) days, Subscriber shall waive any right to any such credit.